pdaCamp ("Partner Dance Adventures") is a medium sized (50-60 people) Burning Man theme camp located in the Center Camp ring road. We offer thrice-daily lessons in Blues, Tango, and a variety of other partner dances, and we are ready to show you an entirely new side of life to experience and a whole new family that is waiting for you to join us!

Experience dancing on our shaded, sprung, 1000+ square foot dance floor in our beautiful open air ballroom, the only one like it o Playa. We DJ music nearly 20 hours a day, and we host terrific dance parties every night! pdaCamp is unique on the playa. While there are many sound camps blasting electronica, few camps showcase lyrical music or partner dance like pdaCamp. We are the largest such camp at Burning Man, and we have the best dance floor in the Black Rock desert.

We kick ass.

We have been on the playa since 2009 (prevously under the name Tango'd up in Blues) and have developed a font of wisdom about how to make a theme camp work. We make incremental improvements to our systems, our infrastructure and our culture every year, and we believe this year will be our best offering yet. We believe that the foundation of a great public offering at Burning Man is a great experience for pdaCamp campers- so we provide extensive infrastructure, special amenities, and a supportive community to make living and dancing in the desert awesome and inspiring.

I Want To Join!

Sounds great! See the "Apply" tab in the menu bar for our application.